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Dear Colleague,

Our Company is piloting an innovative real-time employee engagement platform called Go-Up. The aim is for us to better understand your thoughts, feelings, and engagement level in a timely manner, as well as to hear your views on how we can become an ever better place to work Unlike the usual Employee Engagement Survey, Go-Up provides timely feedback so that we get to know what's happening faster and better.

You need to simply answer 4 quick questions a week that should take you about 1 minute to complete. The survey is anonymous, so you can be honest and candid in your response. To ensure respondents anonymity and confidentiality, only aggregate result on more than 5 people will be presented and analysed. No individual result is ever shown

We look forward to your active participation in the weekly Go-Up Surveys! It is one more chance for you to be better heard at work

Thank you all
Yours faithfully

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